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I haven't tried your game yet, but I'm here to tell you that I love you. Thanks for all of your creative effort. This message was brought to you by Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA and Dorksided Skittles. I'm an amateur patron of the arts and I get paid on Friday.

Super enticed.

Your drawings look nice.

Please don't put too much sauce on your rice.

Seriously, though. I hope you are still alive and making something because you rock more than you know.

love you too Delphius ex Tempor.
ye i'm alive looking for a place to live... will try to make another game with more time after that. <3


thank you :]

Adorable (except for that hairy ass) and fun. Good work! :)


thank you for playing and making a video for my weird pointclick, hope you had fun ;) awesome

It's been fun and wacky. :) 

bellissimo, very very bits and very very crafts!

also: what does noitagami means?

psst! read it backwards! :)

true that! :P

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