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a game about sleep paralysis

made by:
João Dias @bitsandcrafts Portfolio | Twitter | Twitch

butt and ending music by:

Mark Ayton @Lusty_Bard Twitter | Twitch 🤍

sound effects by: 

Mark Ayton @Lusty_Bard Twitter | Twitch

John @Devolta Twitter | Twitch


#madewithfungus for $105 Adventure Game Challenge hosted by StandOffSoftware · #105AdvChal

Mark 7:23 "... All these evils come from inside and defile a person.”

Thank you everyone that was around while I made this and thank YOU for playing! 

Have fun. 🤍

ALT ENTER to go fullscreen, working on a improved post-jam version

(Any game breaking bugs or whatever feel free to DM, thanks)

11 Oct:

. fixed a bug with the television stairs going offscreen
. fixed another bug with some inventory items going offscreen

Updated 6 days ago
Published 12 days ago
Made withUnity, Blender, Krita
Tags2D, artgame, Atmospheric, Dreams, Escape Game, Hand-drawn, Point & Click, Psychological Horror, Short
Average sessionA few minutes


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The mood, the atmosphere, the sound fx, all perfect for this game. innovative interface for an adventure game, it's cool!

thanks for playing zak, hope you had fun. 🤍 working on a extended version on my free time, more puzzles, more animations. ty.

I found this one of the hardest games to make it through, but that only meant that it was incredibly satisfying to do so. The concept and execution are truly unique. Well done!

thank you so much Steven Don, hope it was fun. one of the things missing because of the gamejam deadline is the clues, missing tons animations, stuff written in the wall and so on. working on a improved and extended version. thanks for playing🤍

super cool game! i really enjoyed the weird abstract puzzles. kinda got stuck though, in the butt room i clicked something too fast and got taken out before i could really see what was spinning around, and couldn't go back in, and then couldn't get the elevator button to work even though the wire in the other room had the bzzt! ?

hey thanks for playing wow you got stuck at the end.. you got a item from inside the butt? you use it in the elevator then you need those wires to bzzt ye.. the 2nd, 3rd and 7th buttons rotate.. you see a very small electricity thing in the cut wire under the box. going to add a bulb and more flashes in the next version so everyone knows that ye the electricity is on. Post-jam version coming soon tho in 1 month or so.. :D ty 🤍

lol yeah i just went thru again and this time i got the item..maybe a glitch? but wow this game is just so clever, the art and the music and the style of puzzles syncs so nicely, it feels like a very unique kind of point and click

aww thanks lesbianmerle so glad you enjoyed my little game. Lot of hard work to get this done in 2 weeks only but, now I can focus a bit more fixing bugs and adding more clues around the puzzles, animations and such. 🤍

good puzzle

thanks for playing 🤍hope it was fun without major bugs. working on a post-jam version

LOVE< LOVE< LOVE this game!


awwwwwwwwww 🤍