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A game about living life to the fullest. Oh no. No more lives.

What a trip this 2 weeks. Here, have a little game for +18... my 1st 'game' prototype and 1st gamejam alone... Couple bugs. I can't code. I'm sorry. 

walkthru.txt near trip.exe

Made for the $102 Adventure Game Challenge hosted by Stand Off Software · #102AdvChal

Thank you so much for making the gamejam, it was great and perfect timing. Happy that I can tell stories with Unity and Fungus.  Had no idea.

My idea, art and music all from 0. Used SFX from freesounds.org at the last minute.

TOOLS: Started with the idea which got me motivated. Worked the music to get the mood in Ableton Lite. Modeled the house with cubes and spheres in Blender to have a reference. Sketched a lot in Krita. Made in Unity with the amazing tool FUNGUS!

Have fun!
#stayalive <3

Thank you @gameralphabeta for the review and gameplay video <3 amazing  

update: Fixed the bathtub game breaker bug. Collider destroyed.

SPOILER: This game isn't about 'medication is bad' .. it's the opposite. The main character never took his medication (all laying around in his house in the end) .

portfolio http://bitsandcrafts.com/
twitter https://twitter.com/bitsandcrafts
support https://www.patreon.com/bitsandcrafts


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I really hope the message you were going for here wasn't "medication is bad" because there's a lot about this I like otherwise

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That's a good point Doomstruck, I wasn't trying to say 'medication is bad' cause it isn't, but people can think that. We can say that he never took his medication since there is a ton around. Thanks Doomstruck for playing. :)
edit: you are not the only one saying that, too bad cause that wasn't the message at all. In the end character should say something like 'why didn't I help myself' 'why didn't I had my medication'. Well, feelsbad. <3

...forgot one: