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medication is bad, though. witches, all of them. poison and deception in everything offered. welcome back to the manifold consequence of interminable corruption that is politely called "reality." there is no greater insult to the sum of the human condition and a hope of human dignity than to be told that your thoughts or expressions are "dangerous." they are merely evidence. they are merely a consequence of your experience. You're not sick. You are a human being and the world has poisoned us all.


That Which Is Uncool

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no doubt, it's a mad world :\

I really hope the message you were going for here wasn't "medication is bad" because there's a lot about this I like otherwise

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That's a good point Doomstruck, I wasn't trying to say 'medication is bad' cause it isn't, but people can think that. We can say that he never took his medication since there is a ton around. Thanks Doomstruck for playing. :)
edit: you are not the only one saying that, too bad cause that wasn't the message at all. In the end character should say something like 'why didn't I help myself' 'why didn't I had my medication'. Well, feelsbad. <3

...forgot one: